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Workshops are available, at reasonable & negotiable rates for individuals or groups and are tailored to the needs of the customer.

Ideal for those who want to learn how digital currency works, what its uses and benefits are and the easiest ways to get involved, dependent on your requirements & technical abilities. Click here to learn more.

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Bitcoin for Merchants:

If you are a merchant interested in learning how to accept bitcoin get in touch.

You'll recieve help learning the basics & setting up the right POS solution for the needs of your business. Charities recieve this service free of charge, charges for merchants depend on the package agreed after an initial consultation. Click here to learn more.

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Hardware, infrastructure and tools:

We work with industry partners to provide you with high quality Bitcoin related hardware & infrastructure tools that help build the Bitcoin and digital currency ecosystem.

This site also contains most of the tools and information you'll need to get going, including guides, wallets & even free bitcoin to get you started via our faucets.


Matthew Baldock

Portsmouth, Hampshire

Phone: 07745306982

Email: [email protected]

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Ways to Donate Bitcoin:


In 2014 the RNLI began accepting donation in Bitcoin, via the following address:




In May 2015 Aspex Art Gallery in Portsmouth began accepting Bitcoin donations, here:



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Useful information:

What is Bitcoin? A short two minute video giving a brief overview of the technology that is Bitcoin.

Whitepaper A link to the original whitepaper by the person(s) known as Satoshi Nakamoto that described Bitcoin - The official website

Coin Corner Coin Corner make it incredibly easy to buy bitcoin in the UK

Blockchain Explorer   You can use this at any time to watch Bitcoin transactions occurring in real time.

Coindesk High quality news coverage of the cryptocurrency industry.

Artifax (YrGrid)  A fantastic 3D world with Bitcoin related games, information, a radio station and Bitcoin faucet

Forum.Bitcoin.Com  A new and growing bitcoin community and another resource worth looking to for information.

Moon Bitcoin One of the best bitcoin faucets. Simply enter your bitcoin address, complete the captcha and get free bitcoin. A quick and simple dogecoin faucet. Sign up using your Dogecoin address, complete the captcha and get instant payouts.

XBTfreelancer: Sign up to earn bitcoin. Great for writers, translators, designers etc. Do simple small jobs, get paid in Bitcoin. A platform (under development) to explain the blockchain.

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