Bitcoin & Blockchain Consultation Services

One to One Consultations for individuals and small groups:

Ideal if you want to ask specific questions or gain a better understanding of crypto and how it works. You can be assured that you're getting the best information and save yourself endless hours of trawling the internet and trying to piece together information by coming straight to someone who knows, who has a long earned reputation for providing answers in simple understandable terms. Cut through the jargon, contact me and book an appointment today.

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Industry and Commercial Consultations:

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If you're a company or business owner who wants to understand how Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and DLT may affect your future and you want to understand how to get ahead of the competition contact me today. I'll provide you with insight into the possibilities that this tech has opened up, what is up and coming in the industry and help you understand what challenges and benefits you may find as you consider either accepting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin for payment, or finding ways to benefit your business using distributed ledger technology. Contact me to book an appointment.


I run regular courses teaching people about all the various aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. If there are no courses currently being advertised on the home page of this site and you want a compehensive understanding of the crypto/blockchain ecosystem for yourself or your business contact me today.

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All consultations for charities are free of charge. If you are responsible for running a charity and want to know how cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or the tech behind them, the blockchain, may help you, please contact me today.

Public Speaking:

If you're looking for an industry expert with a history of and a flair for public speaking, please contact me today to talk about your event.